Parking system

20 - 23 March

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

5 - 8 April

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

23-25 September

Parken Berlin 2015

25-27 May

Intertraffic Istanbul 2015


In the CarFlow parking system, the main focus is upon the stable and fault-free operation in the conditions of increasing vehicle rotation and growing demands faced by the owners and managers of parking lots. For that reason, each element of the CarFlow system has been meticulously considered and designed, beginning from the solutions and materials used in its construction, to automatic and electronic features, all the way to IT technologies and applications.


The guiding idea leading the designers and constructors of the CarFlow system is a smooth operation of the car park system as a whole, consisting of aptly selected, configured and cooperating elements. The comprehensive system includes entry and exit control units, payment support devices, car park management software and license plate recognition.


It is an important feature of the CarFlow system that it can be adjusted and adapted to the specific needs of various types of parking lots. The system is available in two different product lines. One meets the needs of large-scale venues with a very high vehicle turnover, and the other is dedicated to medium-range parking lots with a lower demand. The key is the investment effectiveness – in other words, installing a high quality, reliable parking system within the available budget.


CarFlow system is oriented towards effective management and integration with the superior management system of the Client. Available software applications include ParkCash financial application and ParkCare application for the comprehensive management of the installed parking system. Modern services will be also implemented, allowing a reduction of parking lot management costs, adjusted to operator’s individual needs.

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